SosyalBen Akademi has hosted dozens of volunteers in our country thanks to its volunteer exchange program conducted since January 2018 Volunteers from around the world, such as India, England, America, Canada, choose from 4 main programs: Agriculture & Farming, Childcare & Development, Syrian Refugee Support, Disabled and Special Need Individual experience volunteering in our country. The duration of the program varies from 1 to 6 weeks at the participant’s choice. SosyalBen Akademi provides a memorable experience in Turkey to volunteers from abroad thanks to its cooperation with domestic and international partners.


Agricultural production activities in our country began to lose their importance with the increasing rate of migration from village to city. This program aims to increase the importance of decreasing agricultural production activities through foreign volunteers who come to the country within the program framework. As part of the agriculture program, we provide our volunteers with field areas where they can experience modern and traditional agriculture. Our first field activity area includes the villages in Istanbul. The agriculture program volunteers contribute to the continuity of ongoing agriculture in the villages of Istanbul As a result, they are involved in the village production and become part of production continuity. The other field area for incoming volunteers covers permaculture areas. Thanks to permaculture, they have the opportunity to make agriculture in the city center. Incoming volunteers will have experienced both traditional agriculture in the villages and modern agriculture in the urban center

•    To support the sustainability of agricultural production in the city
•    To observe and gain awareness of permaculture dynamics
•    To contribute to the phase of production.
•    To have knowledge about the operation of natural agriculture


The Civil War in Syria has prompted massive waves of migrants into Turkey since 2011. Children have been the group most affected by the war. The regular education process of children has been interrupted by the war. Syrian children who were forced to immigrate to Turkey continue their education in Turkey. We organize various workshops aimed at social cohesion in schools, NGOs and important institutions where Syrian and Turkish children study together. Our volunteers will have the opportunity to experience volunteering in areas with the highest concentration of Syrian refugees. Together with our incoming volunteers for Syrian Support Program, we lead field activities that contribute to the psychosocial, educational and foreign language development of Syrian refugees. As a result of the program achievements, we aim to bring Syrian children into society as individuals with advanced social, language and educational skills.

• Being part of the social adaptation process
• Providing language support
• Supporting education
• Providing social support


In the Child Development Program conducted with Turkish children, volunteers organize art, painting, creative writing, language and education workshops to contribute to the development of their social, artistic and creative skills and language development. Another important achievement of the program is cultural interaction. The incoming volunteers introduce initiate cultural exchange with children, introducing their native cultures to them. They will have the opportunity to work with various groups of children with disabilities, who are still being treated in hospital or who develop normally.

•    To contribute to children's foreign language development
•    To minimize the preconception about speaking a foreign language with speaking practices
•    To foster intercultural interaction
•    To organize social activities with foreigners and enable children to socialize with them

The Program for Individuals with Disability is a program that supports the development process of physical, language and social skills of individuals with disabilities, and further aims to strengthen the dynamic of cultural interaction.
Volunteers will gain various field experiences during the workshop. Individuals with disabilities will have the opportunity to get to know different cultures closely.

•    To improve hand-eye coordination,
•    To develop fine motor skills with art,
•    Supporting the socialization process
•    Being a part of the special education process.


If you want to know more details of the programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.
E-mail: info@sosyalbenakademi.com


SosyalBen Akademi provides consultancy services on meeting, creating and implementing with right social responsibility projects to the students, the institutions and organizations dedicated to the public service projects.

SosyalBen Akademi is the second economic enterprise of the SosyalBen Foundation and was established in 2015 by Ece Çiftçi. Social enterprise-based organization SosyalBen Akademi provides social responsibility project consultancy services to corporate companies, educational institutions, and students in order to increase the rate of volunteerism in Turkey and create a more livable world. The consultancy provided aims to spread the participation of individuals in volunteering activities primarily through the consultancy provided, and in this context, in order for individuals and institutions to spend their social responsibility hours in the most active, efficient and creative way, a specific social responsibility program is prepared for the individual and institution.











The fact of social responsibility which is a factor that affects considerably, affects greatly the business and university application processes, play an active role in creating difference of institutions. SosyalBen Academy that comes into play at this point aims to manage actively the public service hour which they have to fill in the university application processes by developing the privileged curriculum system for the students with an expert consulting model.

The candidates who will specialize in a lot of fields from theory to the application about social responsibility with a 150 hours’ consultancy model and develop their own projects get a chance to be a step ahead from the other candidates with these projects which they put into practice.





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